Why You Should Hire an Established Roofing Company

When it comes time to choose the right Denver roofers, it’s generally best to pick a well-reviewed, local company with the right certifications, a solid guarantee, and fair prices. But there’s one factor that might matter most of all: experience. When you hire a well-established Denver roofing company with excellent reviews, you’re more likely to get solid workmanship, the expertise to handle any job, and a warranty you can count on. 

At Elite Roofing, we’ve been in business since 2006, and we’ve learned a lot over the past 15 years. With so many options, we know how difficult it can be to pick a roofing company. So to help you with your decision, here are a few reasons why you should hire a roofing company with a solid track record—and avoid the risks associated with less established companies.

A workmanship warranty you can count on

Most roofing companies offer some form of workmanship warranty, and we don’t recommend hiring a roofer without one. But not all warranties are created equal. With fledgling roofing companies, there’s a good chance any warranty you get is a “tail light warranty.” In other words, their warranty is only good as long as you can see their tail lights. That’s because many new companies fail within their first few years of operation. So if your roof was poorly installed, and problems arise when the company is no longer around to back up their warranty, you’re left with the bill and a shoddy roof in need of expensive repairs. With an established Denver roofing company, you can find years’ worth of reviews as their track record. You can trust that they’ll be around to uphold their end of the warranty.

Industry connections and product warranties

Speaking of warranties, established Denver roofing companies can offer product-related certifications and guarantees on top of their own workmanship warranty. For example, if you check out our About Us page, you’ll find that we’re certified contractors and/or preferred vendors for manufacturers like GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and more. These partnerships and certifications took years to achieve, and they allow us to offer our customers excellent prices and better warranties. Less established roofing companies simply can’t offer these kinds of industry connections. So, if something goes wrong with your roof that isn’t workmanship related, you’re unlikely to be covered.

Better value for your dollar

So, hiring an established roofing company means you get more reliable guarantees. But it also means you’re less likely to need those guarantees at all. Roofing companies with more industry experience can reliably do the job right the first time. Experienced roofers can complete a roofing project that will last for many years longer than their competitors. 

Further, while hiring a less experienced roofer might cost less, their inexperience comes with a price, as well. In the worst cases, shoddy work can lead to serious problems with your roof that will cost even more to repair. Even in the best cases, however, their work isn’t likely to last as long. This means you won’t save much in the long run when it comes time to repair your roof again.

Every roofing project is unique

When you work in the roofing industry for many years, you see some interesting things. More importantly, though, you work on some interesting roofs—roofs that present challenges a less experienced roofer may not know how to tackle. If your roofing project is particularly complex, you’ll want an established roofing company to handle it.

In addition, roofers with more industry experience can offer recommendations on what might be best for your roof. At Elite Roofing, we know how to prepare your roof for the delights of Colorado weather, whether it’s hail storm season or snow storm season. That expertise is often the difference between a roof that lasts a few years and one that lasts for decades.

Elite Roofing Denver: Our Company Reviews Say It All!

One final thing you get with an established roofing company is a long track record. When you look at our company reviews, you’ll see why we’re one of the most trusted Denver roofing companies. We have a 4.9 rating with more than 300 Google reviews, as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That’s a track record less established companies simply can’t offer. So next time you’re considering which Denver roofing company to hire, look carefully at reviews and consider each company’s experience. And if you’d like to call on our expert team at Elite Roofing, we’re always standing by. Contact us today!

Roofers Denver CO: Why Choose Elite Roofing?

When something goes wrong with your roof and you’re in need of a repair, you need a roofing company you can trust to get the job done right. But not all roofers in Denver, CO are created equally. Companies vary in their experience, the quality of their work, and sometimes, unfortunately, their integrity. While some less-than-reputable companies out there will prey on families whose houses have been damaged by recent severe storms, at Elite Roofing we feel that we’re cut from a little different cloth. We emphasize quality products and superior installation, all while serving our local community and offering the best value to our customers. So, out of the many roofers in Denver, CO, we’d like to make our case for being your trusted confidant when it’s time for your next residential or commercial roofing project.

We’re a truly local company

When you’re looking for roofers in Denver, CO, you always want to start with local companies who are well known in the community and who understand the particular roofing challenges of the area. Elite Roofing has worked in the Denver metro area for more than a decade, so we know all about the wild weather to plan for and protect against when it comes to residential and commercial roofing projects in the area.

In addition to our professional roofing experience, though, we’ve also dedicated ourselves to helping causes throughout Denver with donations, sponsorships, and volunteer efforts. We’ve given to charities and causes such as Denver Children’s Hospital, Boys & Girls Club of Denver, and the Humane Society of Weld County, because for a business to be truly local, we feel they should also be invested in bettering the community around them.

We believe in integrity

At Elite Roofing, our motto is “roofing done right.” To us, that’s not just a set of words that sound nice together—it’s what our business was founded on. Randy Brothers, our founder, chose that motto after taking a good look at roofers in Denver, CO and realizing things could be done much better. The roofing industry is sometimes known for shady characters, such as so-called “storm chasers” who knock on doors in communities where homes have been damaged by severe weather and take advantage of their dire situation. At Elite Roofing, we prioritize excellent workmanship, superior customer care and overall satisfaction. Our highly trained personnel at all levels, strive to foster a friendly, professional atmosphere that employees want to be a part of. 

We have many professional associations and certifications

One way to make sure you’re hiring the best roofer for your project is to check their credentials and associations. At Elite Roofing, we have quite a few. One of our most important professional associations is Owens Corning, with whom we are a Platinum Preferred Contractor. This means we can get our customers better deals on Owens Corning products than they’ll find anywhere else, while customers can also be sure we’re experts at working with this company’s materials. In addition, we’re the only certified Lucas Membrane applicator in Colorado; our sales personnel are all CertainTeed Master Shingle applicators; and we’re a GAF Master Elite company. Finally, we’re fully licensed and insured, and we maintain an A+ rating with the BBB. 

Elite Roofing: Family-Owned Roofers in Denver, CO

One more reason to choose Elite Roofing is that our business is family owned and operated, helping us keep our faith, values, and integrity at the front of our minds in everything we do. As a family-owned company, we feel that we truly understand where our customers are coming from when they’re in need of a new roof or timely repair. What’s more, we treat our customers like family, striving to be responsive, caring, and attentive at every step of the way—and installing roofs that we would be confident putting over our own heads. So, if you’re in need of a residential or commercial roof replacement or repair, contact Elite Roofing today!

Elite Roofing Owners Named “Young Guns” by Roofing Contractor Magazine

Randy Brothers and Cody Hayes have been named October 2015 Young Guns by Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Cody Hayes and Randy Brothers Young Guns Elite RoofingAs defined by Roofing Contractor, “Young Guns” are considered “up-and-coming contractors in their 20s and 30s who are making a mark on the [roofing] industry.” As you can imagine, being recognized by a reputable, national roofing contractor’s magazine is an incredible honor. When Randy and Cody were first interviewed by Art Aisner, the editor at Roofing Contractor Magazine, they had to take pause and pinch themselves. A dream they once joked about as kids was in fact a reality, and someone outside of their circle of close friends and family were acknowledging the incredible achievements they’ve made with Elite Roofing in just a few short years. These two have built up this Denver residential roofing and commercial roofing company from the ground up and continue to thrive, meeting their goals month after month. Without further adieu, below is the Young Guns article as it appears online in Roofing Contractor Magazine:

Original Article published October 6, 2015

By Art Aisner

Great Look at Extreme Hail Damage on an Asphalt Roof in Highlands Ranch

What does extreme hail damage look like an asphalt shingle? Just like this…

Colorado has had an enormous amount of hail, both in size and the number of times we’ve seen hail this year! Recently, we inspected a roof in Highlands Ranch, Colorado where we encountered the worst roof we have seen in a long time! To be fair, this roof was the original roof on the home which was built in 1994 and the insurance inspector was fairly certain that the roof had never been replaced.

Highlands Ranch Roof 1 Elite Roofing Highlands Ranch Roof 2 Elite Roofing Highlands Ranch Roof 3 Elite Roofing Highlands Ranch Roof 4 Elite Roofing






We’re just thankful the roof hadn’t started leaking yet! With hail damage like this, it’s hard to say how much more the roof could have taken without losing its integrity. Once you have a leak, then you have to start worrying about mold which is a whole other ball of wax!

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